Dire economic conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic with its trail of constraints, among which abysmal subscriber numbers and escalating operational costs, make it impossible for Shashatee to continue the broadcast of MTV Lebanon

The channel will no longer be available via our BIS 1 satellite capacity, as of January 1, 2021

Shashatee viewers will be compensated for the paid-for viewing time that will no longer be available. To claim your dues, kindly email back the bank account details on which you wish to receive your refund

Needless to say, the related set-top box remains useful for accessing all unencrypted signals that your satellite TV system can receive

Please forgive our foolishness for believing that we could get the other Lebanese channels to join…

With our humble apologies for the sad outcome,


For more information:
Nigeria: (0806 or 0808) 69 88 644 – (0806) 69 88 888